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January 28, 2014 / umbcdawgblog

Our Favorite Time of the Year

By Erika Ronning 

The UMBC Women’s Swim and Dive team is preparing as we are getting ready to head up to Worcester, Mass. for America East Conference February 13 through 15.  This year AEC Championships will be a little different.  Only five women’s teams will be competing.  The UMBC Men’s Swim and Dive team will be making the trip down to Tennessee a week later for CCSA Championships.  This is the first time in my four years here that the men’s and women’s teams will not be competing at AEC Championships together.


My name is Erika Ronning and I am a senior captain on the UMBC Swim and Dive team.  I swim sprint freestyle, which includes the 50, 100 and 200 yard freestyle events.   I am an Illinois native pursing a degree in graphic design with a minor in print media here at UMBC.  I am currently beginning an internship with UMBC’s Athletic Communications and Marketing Department for this spring semester.  During my internship here this semester I will be working different sporting events, such as basketball and lacrosse, as well as completing office hours every week.  Even though I have just started my internship here, I can already tell I will enjoy everything that I will be participating in.

This year has been my toughest year swimming-wise.  Starting in June, I began experiencing shoulder pain.  Since then I have done therapy and rehab, and have received a couple of Cortisone injections.  This injury has severely hindered my training this year.  I have found other methods of training in order to keep in shape and I have tried to keep my spirits up and focused on the end goal, the AEC Championships meet.

The UMBC swim and dive team is in it’s final stretch of the season.  The women’s championships are in 16 days and the men’s championships are in 20 days.  Both the men and women have been decreasing weight and repetitions in the weight room.  The swimmers are starting to feel jittery in the water and can tell that the end of the season is near.   Right now, our team is coming down in yardage in order to rest, or taper, for championships.  Taper is something all swimmers know and love.  It is the time of the year where we get to rest our bodies by doing less yardage, lifting, and dryland.

Swimming is a yard-round sport.  Our season starts in September and ends in February.  After a short two-week break after Championships we pick training right back up where we left off.  Once the outdoor pool opens in April we will train long course.

Both teams are very excited to be competing in Championships so soon.  Stay tuned to the Dawg Blog for more entry’s about UMBC athletics!


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