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July 16, 2013 / umbcdawgblog

Summer Vacation

By: Mallory McIntyre


While tanning, going to the beach and hanging out with friends is the definition of most people’s summer, there is one major thing on the UMBC volleyball team’s mind – our preseason that is right around the corner!

Preseason for our team begins on August 13, so we still have a few more weeks to relax and enjoy the summer before we return to campus and get our season underway. Everyone has been working hard all summer long on getting stronger and faster so that we are ready to get into the swing of things right as we return.

Our preseason consists of practicing in the morning for three hours, getting a break for lunch, and then return to the gym for about two more hours of training. The session after lunch, however, is not as demanding on the body as our morning practices. We tend to not get as many jumping reps and focus more on technical aspects of volleyball. We also lift and condition throughout preseason a couple times per week.

During my summer break, I have worked at a golf course for the past three years I have been home from UMBC. I work at the restaurant in the clubhouse cooking, cleaning and serving. I love my job and everything I get to do in the summer, but I really can’t wait to get back to Baltimore. This coming year is my senior year and while that may seem like a sad thing, I can’t wait to get down to campus and start my final year with my team!  I’m ready to return to see my coaches, Ian and Katelyn, and of course my teammates! Although I love being home for the summer to be with my family and friends, I am still counting down the days until I get on the plane at the Winnipeg airport as a senior Retriever!


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