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May 8, 2013 / umbcdawgblog

The Final Countdown

By: Mallory McIntyre

Once again the final weeks of the semester are upon us, and while the stress of exams kicks in, the excitement of summer does as well. As school winds down, so does our spring season of volleyball. Our team is now done with tournaments and practices, but continues to lift and condition on our own time. Through all the obstacles and injuries we have faced this spring, we have worked the hardest we ever have and hope to continue that effort at home over the summer to gear up for our season when we return in the fall.

With school coming to an end, that also means my internship and coaching duties do as well. This was my first internship and through everything I learned and the experience I received first-hand at athletic games is something that made this time one of the best things of my semester. Learning about different sports and having something different to do every time I was in the office is why I enjoyed working there.

Another experience I had this semester was coaching a girls’ volleyball team. Although I have coached before, this was the first time that I had more responsibility to teach volleyball and help my team understand the game. My team had its struggles at the beginning of the year, but has improved so much since their first practice in January. I got a different perspective about the game of volleyball coaching instead of playing. It is so rewarding to see my team improve their skills and knowledge of the game.

With the final weeks of school left, the UMBC volleyball team wishes everyone good luck on their exams and to have a safe and fun summer! 


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