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April 18, 2013 / umbcdawgblog

Spring Update

By: Emily Witsaman

This past Monday, I had my four-week follow up appointment with my surgeon. I received some good news that I am able to slowly start taking off the bionic brace that I’ve had to wear during recovery. He previously told me I would be in the brace for 6 weeks, but it’s now looking to be a week shorter. My healing from the surgery has surprised a lot of people with the range of motion in my elbow coming back to me sooner than anyone thought. In addition, I haven’t experienced a long period of pain after the surgery.

I am currently receiving treatment Monday to Friday in our training room with our team’s athletic trainer, Cindy Kubiet. She has been the biggest help during the recovery and has worked closely with me in doing my rehab exercises three times a week. When I reach my six-week mark from surgery, I will begin intense rehab exercises and will be able to push myself harder.

Another big part of my spring season has been increasing my role as a big supporter to my team. When I am watching practices, I have been able to see different sides of things that I haven’t noticed before in the midst of playing. I have enjoyed helping our middle hitters, Krystal Mlemchukwu and Kristin Cooper, with timing and various aspects of the game to help them get better. It’s been tough not being able to be out on the court with my teammates, but I’ve been able to help them when I can and see their improvements.  I’m hoping my recovery goes well so that I’m back on the court with them by the fall season.

This past weekend we hosted a spring tournament with various local teams at the RAC. We split with Coppin State, who later went on to win the tournament, in addition to Morgan State, and Howard. We now conclude our spring season in Annapolis with a play date with Navy for our last spring games. Because of the number of injuries and limited players we have able to play, we will likely mix and match players from our team and Navy’s throughout the two hours of play. Afterwards, we will have a team lunch at Kristin Cooper’s house which is nearby in Davidsonville. Everyone loves to go to Kristin’s house because of her mom’s amazing cooking and her fun loving dogs, Ruby and Tebow. My parents and brother will also be visiting this weekend and attend the team lunch. I’m excited to be able to spend some time with them in Annapolis and for my dad’s desserts that he’s bringing to Kristin’s. It will be a great way to end the spring season!



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  1. Dan / Apr 23 2013 3:35 pm

    Hi Emily. I’m a baseball alum and I was checking up on my old school when I saw your surgery.

    I’ve had Tommy John twice, most recently 9 months ago. I’ve been video chronicling it through my strength training website, which might be helpful to you as you recover.

    You can find the whole cache of my video updates, as well as a lot of my writing on the topic here:

    Good luck! Dan

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