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March 27, 2013 / umbcdawgblog

Spring Break

By: Mallory McIntyre

This past week for spring break I had the chance to go home and see my family and friends. With the semester being half over, and midterms (even though I had none) done for everyone, it was nice to get home and relax for a week before returning back to school to finish off the semester and start the countdown for summer.

I live in Canada – Winnipeg, Manitoba to be specific – so when I told people at school I was flying home for the week, everyone asked how cold it was going to be. And that is exactly what it was. Just imagine, four feet of snow, the temperature (in Celsius) at a freezing -20 or lower every day and not to mention that it just so happened to snow every day while I was home too. Most people like to go somewhere warm and tropical on spring break and get hot temperatures and a tan, but I would have it no other way. Cold temperatures and snow are what I grew up in until I moved down here for school, so it is always nice to go home on the rare occasion and actually experience snow and the cold again.


I guess the snow followed me when I returned to Baltimore since it snowed on the Monday I was back! Even though I love winter and the snow, nine days was long enough for me and now I am looking forward to springtime weather because that only means summer is right around the corner.

On the volleyball side of things, our team is competing in our first spring tournament on April 6th at Loyola (Md.). We have been training hard all spring season to get prepared for this tournament and we expect some good results.


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