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March 11, 2013 / umbcdawgblog

The Busy Life of College Athletes

By: Mallory McIntyre

Another busy week has gone by, which means another week closer to our first spring season tournament held at Loyola University on April 6th. The volleyball team is finally getting into team practices which means no more small group sessions! Our team is looking forward to being back in the gym together as one full squad and not in small individual groups. Having the team back practicing together as a whole means high intensity practices mixed with the 12 goofy personalities on our team.

This past weekend for my internship with the UMBC Athletic Communications, I got to work at the UMBC Retriever Softball Classic. Working two games on Friday and two games on Sunday, I got a full experience of how the communications side of athletics works during a softball game. On Friday, I got to do a lot of things such as tweeting live during the game, working the scoreboard and for one of the games I got to be the announcer. I have never announced a sporting game before, so to hear my voice being projected around the stadium was something that took a few innings to get used too. As the announcer, I had to introduce starting lineups for each team, the head coach and the assistant coaches before the game began. Once the game started, I announced each player that was up next to bat by saying their name, position and their number. For the game that I was announcing, I also was working the scoreboard so I was quite overwhelmed for the first couple innings. A routine kicked in and by the third inning however, I was comfortable enough to announce the next batters and run the scoreboard at the same time.

Between classes and homework, my volleyball schedule, and my internship, I have somehow found just enough time to coach a girls club volleyball team.  Former teammate, Kat Lincalis and I have teamed up to coach together for a group of sixteen year old girls in the local volleyball club, TCA Baltimore. We practice twice a week for two hours each session, and normally have a one or two-day tournament each weekend. Coaching has given us both a different aspect and view on the game of volleyball. Most nights, Kat and I get out of class around 7p.m. and then race over to the gym to start practice by 7:15 p.m.


There are quite a few other UMBC women’s volleyball players coaching on the side as well. Robbin Lee is head coaching a sixteen year old team at the local club Maryland Juniors, with Krystal Mlemchuku as her assistant coach. Hallie Carter is an assistant coach for a sixteen year old team as well at Maryland Juniors. Hannah Schmidt is also an assistant coach but in a different club, Masters Volleyball Academy. 




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