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June 18, 2009 / umbcdawgblog

Men’s Lacrosse from Japan #4 – Travel Day to Nagoya from Tim Eagan

The UMBC men’s lacrosse team is in Japan for the 20th annual International Friendship Games as part of an 11-day journey to Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan. Some of the members of the squad will be sharing their experiences here at the Dawg Blog. Our fourth entry is from Tim Eagan.

Cheers from Japan. 

Right now I am writing to you from my home stay in Handa, Japan.  I am staying with an 18 year- old girl named Natsumi and her family.  Since I am using her computer, I can’t figure out how to capitalize any words or use any sort of punctuation, so I apologize for the mistakes. (No problem, Tim, we edited those.)

Our last night in Tokyo was spent with our friends from the Keio University lacrosse team.  We shared some delicious Korean bar-b-que.  Many of the Keio players spoke English very well which made for great story telling.  At the end of the night, Coach Zimm made a toast to the Keio team and thanked them for their hospitality.

That night and the next morning guys got caught up on some sight seeing throughout the city.  The fish market was a big hit again, as was the Tokyo tower.  After fighting back tears of fear, Bobby “I’m scared of the sky” Atwell decided to take in the panoramic views at 750m.  

Yesterday morning was spent on the bullet train to Nagoya.  As we glided past Mt. Fuji, Jordan “I don’t trust Japanese engineering” Pierce was seen clenching onto his two seat mates for comfort when the train reached optimal speed.

In downtown Nagoya, a political rally was taking place that had the city on its toes.  Riot police and secret service members lined the streets as a pro-communist leader took the stage.  Matt “the political consultant” Kreese tried his best to explain to a few members of the crowd the benefits of a democratic, three-branch system but the language barrier became a bit much.     

Juniors- Kevin “Big Save” Kohri, Lance “Japanese women love my flow” Diamond,  Mike “All I want is fried rice” Camardo and myself, set out for an early dinner.  After sitting down we realized that the menu had zero pictures, so I made the executive decision to play Russian Roulette and blindly pick our dinners.  Let’s just say Mike didn’t make it to round two.  Lance, Kevin and I all had tremendous noodle bowls. Mike was served a bowl of cold noodles and seaweed, topped off with an obnoxious amount of coconut shavings.  To make matters worse, the tea that was served was nothing more than glorified water that eerily tasted like cardboard boxes.  Mike also had the pleasure of sitting next to the guy who was chain smoking cigarettes, as if he was in a race against the clock to finish his pack before Mike finished his meal.  Needless to say, Mike preferred Tokyo.

Once again, Brian “The Womanizer” Schneider stole the show with the women.  The team has come to a consensus that Brian’s great luck must be attributed to his flattering, black and lime green Nike fannie pack that he has strutted around in so proudly throughout the trip. 

I will let Steve and Alex explain our exciting day at the Toyota plant and the Nagoya castle, in the next post.  Goodnight from Handa!

Tim Eagan

June 17, 2009



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  1. Kevin / Jun 18 2009 3:20 pm

    I with Carmardo, where is the McDonalds?!!! Hopefully you’ve got plenty of photos to share when you come back.

  2. Anonymous / Jun 19 2009 12:17 am

    Where is Brian McCullough?

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