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June 15, 2009 / umbcdawgblog

Men’s Lacrosse from Japan #2 – First Few Days from Tim Eagan

The UMBC men’s lacrosse team is in Japan for the 20th annual International Friendship Games as part of an 11-day journey to Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan. Some of the members of the squad will be sharing their experiences here at the Dawg Blog. Our second entry is from Tim Eagan.

Our trip has really run smoothly because of two of our great Japanese friends, “Yu” Yousuke Katoka and “Tak” Takashi Matsuzaki.  Both Yu and Tak have showed us around the city, worked as interpreters and hung out with us.  Both are seniors in college and are great friends to all of us.

Our nights have been spent in Shibuya (the times square of Tokyo) and Roppongi.  The night life has kept us up late but has been a one-of-a-kind experience.  Ryan “Personality” Shields, Matt “The Athlete” Curtain, Brian “Shoob” Schneider, Mike “Home Field Advantage” Burch, have all been the favorites of the local Japanese females.  We did some sightseeing today and went to the Asakura Temple which was a unique set of shops outside an ancient temple.

As for lacrosse, the Dawgs have represented UMBC well.  After a stern pre-game speech from Alex “Captain Hop” Hopmann, our first game came against the Japan U20 team.  Player of the Game went to Dave “Buy In” Scott for his two impressive goals.  Following that game we challenged an impressive Japanese national team and came out with a one goal win after some out-of-this-world saves by freshman goalie Brian “Mcfuffin” McCullough.  Both teams played a very exciting, fast-paced brand of lacrosse.

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to play in front of 7,000 excited fans at Edogawa Stadium against the Japan U22 team.  Peet “Lax Rat” Poillon put on a stick trick show before the game which had local fans screaming his name and begging for more.  Maxx “MVP” Davis walked down the red carpet and was interviewed on national T.V. after the game in front of the crowd for being named MVP of the game.

After the game we had an exceptional dinner with the U22 team at a local restaurant in Diamon.  To our surprise, both teams worked well together to get past the language barrier.  All of us had a fun night, showing our friendship by trading our UMBC lacrosse gear for the much sought after Japanese lacrosse apparel.

Many of us choose to make the 4:30 a.m. trip to see the much anticipated Tsukiji Fish Market auction.  The market was bustling with shop owners, traders, enormous fish and local tourists.  Walking through the shops surrounding the market it was confirmed that Kevin “Bench Press” Goedeke is in fact the largest person on all of the Japanese Islands.

Local cuisine highlights have come in the form of Japanese ramen, fresh sushi and cow tongue.  Even Jeremy “I hate vegetables” Blevins has been seen trying some local goods, when he is not sampling Tokyo’s numerous McDonalds.   The only complaints have come from Benin “Mac Sauce” Bembry when his salt content reaches extreme levels from small dinner portions.

Tomorrow we look forward to the opportunity to compete against Keio University along with two other local colleges.




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  1. Kim Duguay / Jun 15 2009 5:49 pm

    Thanks for the update!
    Bobby Stockton’s mom

  2. Jim Burch / Jun 15 2009 8:47 pm

    “Mike “Home Field Advantage” Burch, have all been the favorites of the local Japanese females. ”
    atta boy Mike! there is no beatin’ Wheaton
    Mike’s Uncle Jimmy poolside in J-action-ville, Fl

  3. Sam's mom and dad / Jun 16 2009 7:57 pm

    Sounds like you guys are having a great time…what celebs you are over there…we just got back from Paris and it was quite amazing. Have fun and know that we miss you and love all you DAWGS!!

  4. chip blevins / Jun 17 2009 9:22 pm

    Jeremy still not eating his vegatables!!! Will he ever grow up.

  5. Peet's Aunt Nannette / Jul 1 2009 4:13 pm

    Hey Lax Rat, It is soooo much fun to keep up with you through Google searches! Many Hugs, No NO and John

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