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May 9, 2009 / umbcdawgblog

Live Updates from Men’s LAX at UNC – NCAA First Round – May 9

Welcome to Fetzer Field on a bright, steamy day in Chapel Hill, N.C. for the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse First Round matchup between UMBC and North Carolina. It looks like the thunderstorms should hold off until later this evening so we are in for a hot and humid one. Live stats will be available via GameTracker

Some things to look out for today:

– Can UMBC’s defense stop Billy Bitter, North Carolina’s top scorer (38G, 22A) after he was not announced as a Tewaaraton finalist and will be looking to cause some damage today?ncaa

– Can UMBC’s “50” midfield of Peet Poillon, Alex Hopmann and Kyle Wimer continue to play as high of a level as they did in the regular season?

– Can the Tar Heels stop the Retrievers’ extra-man unit, which is scores at an outstanding 52% clip?

– Can the Retrievers shut down Shane Walterhoef, who has won 63% of his faceoff’s for this year for UNC? Freshman Justin Radebaugh, who has improved drasticly this year, has won 49% this season.

We’ll back with starting lineups shortly, feel free to leave comments or questions and I’ll try to respond to them as much as I can. Let’s go Dawgs!

2:20 p.m. –While checking out the crowd, I ran into UMBC men’s basketball head coach Randy Monroe and America East commissioner Patrick Nero sharing a conversation. Good to see both of them make the trip and support the Dawgs.

Here’s the lineups.


Attack – 1 Bart Wagner, 4 Billy Bitter, 14 Gavin Petracca
Midfield – 18 Ben Hunt, 23 Sean Delaney, 40 Jimmy Dunster
Defense – 24 Ryan Flanagan, 32 Jack Ryan, 45 Charlie McComas
Goalie – 43 James Petracca


Attack – 10 Ryan Smith, 36 Chris Jones, 39 Matt Latham
Midfield – 9 Alex Hopmann, 20 Kyle Wimer, 21 Peet Poillon
Defense – 8 Matt Kresse, 26 Kevin Goedeke, 44 Steve Settembrino
Goalie – 6 Jeremy Blevins

We’ll be back with the first face-off.
First Quarter
Opening Faceoff – Its Radebaugh vs. Walterhoef and UNC wins and we are under way.

12:29 After a turnover, the first midfield is on the field and we’re going to have a penalty against Chris Hunt, 30-seconds for pushing. On the EMO, Matt Latham scores to give the Retrievers 1-0 lead.

10:43 After a UMBC offsides call, Bitter scores to make it 1-1.

10:06 Radebaugh wins the faceoff and gets the ground ball, Wimer scores unassisted to give the Retrievers a 2-1 lead.

9:55 UNC wins the draw, but after a Bitter shot, UMBC back it up. Dawgs ball, but the can’t get it in the zone, turnover

5:52 The pace is frantic right now, with turnovers by both teams. Cryder DiPietro scores unassisted to tie the game at 2.

3:44 UNC is using three long poles against the Retrievers’ first midfield, but after a Kyle Wimer shot hit the post, Latham picked it up and scored his second of the day, 3-2 UMBC.

2:27 Bitter scores on a shot that Blevins got a piece of and trickled in. UNC wins the faceoff and Jack Ryan scores unassisted to give the Tar Heels a 4-3 lead.

1:15 Ryan’s goal was the first shot of the senior’s career. Turnover UNC, Retriever ball.

End of Quarter After a UMBC turnover, Blevins makes a great save to end the period. 4-3 UNC after 1.

Second Quater

Opening Faceoff UNC leads ground balls 13-9 and faceoffs 7-1 and start the quarter with a UNC faceoff win.

11:58 Mike Bryan caused a UNC turnover, but Wimer turns the ball back over and Bitter scores his third of the day, 5-3 UNC.

11:48 Radebaugh wins the faceoff and UMBC takes a timeout.

10:30 After a UMBC turnover out of the timeout, Blevins makes a save to give the Dawgs back the ball.

9:38 Hopmann goes out of bounds, UNC ball, eighth turnover of the day for UMBC.

9:01 Bitter scores his fourth of the day from the left side of the goal. 6-3 UNC

7:24 Penalty coming for UNC for tripping, but Chris Jones scores for the Retrievers off a rebound, 6-4 UNC.

7:23 UMBC with a minute-long EMO, and UMBC wins the draw.

6:25 With the EMO, Latham shoots, but its saved by Petracca.

6:02 Ryan Smith scores to the top corner off a pass from Rob Grimm, 6-5 UNC.

5:20 Hopmann scores on a play similar to the first quarter, Petracca got a big piece of the shot, but it spun in just over the line. Assist to Ryan Smith. Timeout UNC. 6-6

4:25 Wimer scores unassisted from the right side, as the Tar Heel defense lost couldn’t catch up to him on a switch. 7-6 Retrievers

3:00 Blevins with his fifth save, and Hopmann scored from Poillon as the Retrievers have scored five unanswered. 8-6 UMBC

1:28 Blevins with another save, six on the day. Timeout Retrievers. First midfield for UMBC have two points each. Wimer and Hopmann with two goals each and Poillon with two assists. Let’s see if they try and hold for the final shot.

0:57 Poillon with a shot, but its saved by Petracca. Followed by another turnover by UNC.

0:00 Shot by Smith was saved, followed by a shot by Jones, which is also saved by Petracca. End of half, 8-6 UMBC

Halftime Stats
Shots – UMBC 22, UNC 23
Ground Balls – UMBC 17, UNC 24
Faceoffs – UMBC 3, UNC 13
EMO – UMBC 1-2, UNC 0-0

<Third Quarter
12:00 Radebaugh wins the draw, Jones with the goal, but Bitter responds with his fifth of the day, 9-7 UMBC.
11:57 Walterhoef wins the draw and scores to bring the Tar Heels to within one, 9-8 UMBC.
10:46 Three straight for UNC, as Jimmy Dunster scores to tie the game at 9.
9:36 After a turnover, Bitter scores his career high sixth goal of the season and Carolina takes the lead 10-9.
8:51 Chris Jones comes around the net and scores to tie the game at 10.
5:25 Wimer scores his third of the day after picking up a ground ball, but Carolina’s Gavin Petracca scores to tie the game at 11.
4:30 Bitter scores again, seventh on the day on his seventh shot, 12-11 UNC.
End of quarter UNC with a shot at the end of the period, 12-11 UNC.

Fourth Quarter
13:23 Bart Wagner decides not to pass to Bitter this time and gives UNC a 13-11 lead.
12:12 Poillon scores an EMO goal from up top, 13-12 UNC.
7:59 Wagner scores again and gives UNC a 14-12 lead.
5:58 Bitter comes on to the field, and scores his eighth goal on his eighth shot. Timeout UMBC, 15-12 UNC.
4:19 Hopmann scores off a pass from Smith, 15-13 UNC.
1:32 Bitter’s first shot that was not goal was actually blocked by Wimer while Blevins was not in the net, timeout UMBC.
0:44 Two penalties against UMBC as they try and force a UNC turnover.
0:00 UMBC’s season comes to an end as the final score is 15-13. Final stats in a minute.

Final Stats
Shots – UMBC 35, UNC 46
Ground Balls – UMBC 37, UNC 56
Faceoffs – UMBC 9, UNC 23
Saves – UMBC 12, UNC 8
Turnovers – UMBC 17, UNC 17.
Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next year!


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